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Great work, I would love to see it polished. The music and sound is awesome.

Thanks, I'll be polishing once I've gone into BETA. Thanks for playing, glad you like the music.

Great stuff! Meaning to play this game for longer but I really like the direction is going. I liked the sense of exploration it reminds me of ONI. Also, loved the beautiful illustration for each item!

I would love to see some environmental storytelling as you did on ONI. That was really well done and I feel it will make this world more alive.

Thanks for playing both games. Environmental storytelling will be something I'll be working on. I've been trying to get all mechanics working around a soft story outline, but I'm almost ready to dive into the story development. 

This looks very cool. Will there be a downloadable Gameboy Rom? Keep up the good work!

Thanks. Yes I’ll be throwing up a rom soon. 

Awesome. Thank you!

This is looking really cool. I like the inventory and how the upgrades can be bought and how open everything is.

One minor thing, after hearing the warning about the eye monster and long grass cutscene, I died in combat and then had to watch the warning cut scene again, perhaps set a variable after played so you only see it the once?

Thanks for playing glad you liked the direction. Yes that’s a great idea I’ll implement that change.